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    As 2017 comes to a close, we look back at one of the year's highlights for SixB Labels.  This year, SixB Labels was recognized by the Printing & Imaging Association of MidAmerica (a regional division of the Printing Industries of America) by receiving two Graphic Excellence (GraphEx) Certificates of Merit . These Best of Category awards are within the areas of Flexo and Digital Printing for labels we manufactured on behalf of Herman Marshall and Central Market, respectively

    The word meaningful only begins to describe how honored and excited the SixB Family is to have received these awards. It is particularly special to garner this acknowledgement of excellence from our peers in the printing industry!

    While we so appreciate the gifts of these print awards, we also believe  in sharing being caring. See below for some more background on these particular labels, hopefully to inspire your next labeling project. 


    The Best of Category Flexographic Labels and Wraps, Rolled Products/Pressure Sensitive award, featuring Herman Marshall's bourbon whiskey, is particularly notable for its shape, texture and hues. This out-of-the-ordinary bottle label has a branding foundation with a non-traditional rectangle and intricate design points. All the while, multiple label versions with subtle differences were created for each type of their whiskey. From the design parameters to volume requirements, Flexography was the right fit for this project.


    SixB Labels PIA MidAmerica GraphEx Award Best of Category Digital Printing: Tags & Labels Award for the Herman Marshall Texas Bourbon Whiskey Label 


    The Best of Category Digital Printing: Tags & Labels winner features the photographic-oriented Central Market Iced Tea Jug Labels for placement on metal tins. This label fulfills our key wants with the HD Digital Printing Method: depiction of the most exacting details in a photograph (as in the mint and hibiscus leaves below) with the efficiency and effectiveness for smaller volumes. The Hibiscus Mint variation was also only the beginning, as the project lent itself to multiple variations, including  House Black, Mango, and Texas Gold Iced Teas. These additional labels include clear and colorful imagery of all their ingredients.


    SixB Labels PIA MidAmerica GraphEx Award Best of Category Digital Printing: Tags & Labels Award for the Central Market Hibiscus Mint Iced Tea Label 

    Ultimately, when a company has been around for 37 years and counting, as SixB Labels has, forging meaningful relationships has been influential. Subsequently, being a member of PIA MidAmerica—the regional division, covering Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri—of PIA, the largest graphic arts trade association in the printing industry for more than 20 years, has been purposeful.  We believe in the PIA's dedication to the advancement of the graphic communications industry worldwide, supporting thousands of member companies through advocacy, research, education and networking.  We look forward to continuing these efforts in 2018 and beyond!

    Michelle Feldman

    Written by Michelle Feldman

    Marketing Associate at SixB Labels





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