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    At the time of this post's initial writing, it is the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century and actually in the midst of a 10-day period where we will witness in palindrome with the number's making up each day's date being in the same sequence whether it is read forwards or backwards. So on these auspicious days, it makes the most sense to share the backstory on a business initiative of ours that was about 5 years in the making: launching an e-commerce arm to our business that was mutually beneficial to our customers and those garnering such a title, all the  while being sustainable to our business.

    Late last year we presented "Shop" on our website at www.SixB.com/Shop. To start it featured a total of six products: five (5) Laser Label Sheets label dimensions versions and one (1) Social Distancing Floor Decal.  As we continue to release at least one new product each month another laser label was just made available: 8.5"x11" Laser Label sheets, which could not only be printed on the front and back and also have three peel sections that allow multiple placement options on surfaces. (Most other providers have only 1 or 2 peel sections that give only a half or full placement set of options.)
    A Preview of the SixB Shop at www.SixB.com/Shop

    The SixB Shop is not our first rodeo in the e-Commerce world and it likely won't be our last. We believe in Research & Development in all aspects of our business from the engineering behind the labeling to how we interact with our customers. It is through that R&D we have sought to not be just another online label and labeling products seller and provide unique capabilities.

    For example, the seven laser label versions currently being sold in the SixB Shop are just a small fraction of what we have available. At the same time these label dimensions that we are currently offering are quite unique from our competitors and ultimately with double sided printing options and in some instances more peel sections offer much more versatility. Because it is not only the cost per label that a business should consider when purchasing labels, it is also the time and functional costs to design, print and apply the labels to their products, surfaces, devices and so on that should be factored to get the appropriate cost of their labels.
    Also in case you are wondering we too likely have those laser label sizes you have seen with our competitors and would happily get you a quote whether seeking blank white labels, other color labels or pre-printed shells on those laser labels. Simply message us now with your request!
    Roster of Products available — at the time of this blog post's publishing — on SixB Labels' Online Shop (www.SixB.com/Shop)  SixBLabels_LaserLabels_SeeRelated_Rectangle_8.5X11 SixBLabels_LaserLabels_SeeRelated_Circle_3.33 SixBLabels_LaserLabels_SeeRelated_Rectangle_4.25X2.75
    SixBLabels_LaserLabels_SeeRelated_Rectangle_4.25X5.5 SixBLabels_LaserLabels_SeeRelated_Rectangle_4X3 SixBLabels_LaserLabels_SeeRelated_Rectangle_8.5X5.5 SixBLabels_SocialDistancing_IndoorFloor_Decals_SeeRelated_Collection_Opt2
    While we will continue to launch new products to the SixB Shop regularly based on feedback from customers and those we mutually hope that become so, please do not hesitate to reach out to us today if you would like to see product not featured on the store just yet!
    All the while, please also keep in mind the multitude of custom Labels, Barcodes and Labeling Products we have available for purchase offline. And as we venture into 2021 together collectively we continue to wish health and safety during these still going unprecedented times while being here for you and your business.






    Sara Shereen Bakhshian

    Written by Sara Shereen Bakhshian

    Director, Marketing at SixB Labels





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