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    SixB Labels supports peace, democracy and Support Ukraine Flag Heart Stickers Compliments of SixB Labels the right to self-determination.  As importantly, we support Ukraine.

    Producing labels and stickers that help non-profits raise awareness and ultimately funding for their causes is quite natural for us. So we created these Ukrainian Flag Heart Stickers in bulk without a specific organization's branding so we could distribute them widely.

    Our company's contact information is only included so that those interested in requesting these stickers would know how to get in touch. We encourage representatives from non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who want to request a batch of these stickers for their group to fill out the form at the end of this post. 


    SixB Labels is a family business made up of proud Americans, whose first and second generations lived in another country and left it because to this day it does not share the democratic values of the United States of America. A few decades ago, burning American flags as a form of dissent was a cultural hot topic. The family felt it important to develop American Flag Heart Sticker Sheets, while believing in free speech and also revering the symbolism the American flag represents.

    To date more than 4 million American Flag Heart Stickers have been produced and shared with various Veterans & Active Military and Family support groups. We will continue to welcome such requests.

    Each country's flag is a reflection of its values, including its sovereignty, and we believe in respecting that. 


    • White Laser Paper with Lay-Flat Liner
    • Two-Color Print with Stock Inks
    • UV Varnish for Durability
    • Each Sheet has Four (4) Flag Heart Stickers 
    Ukraine Flag Heart Sticker Compliments of SixB Labels

    Whether you would like to request a batch of these specific Flag Heart Stickers or are inspired for another project we hope you will connect with us today!





    Sara Shereen Bakhshian

    Written by Sara Shereen Bakhshian

    Director, Marketing at SixB Labels





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